A children's movie that is probably too intense and violent for little kids; just what you'd expect from the director of "300". The themes are small-fry versions of every mythic tale from Star Wars ("Use the force" becomes "Use your gizzard") to Lord of the Rings to the Bible to whatever. How you respond to … Continue reading LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS: The Owls of Ga’Hoole


Money never sleeps, but the audience sure does in this godawful sequel that clocks in at a murderous 2 hours 9. It's as exciting as an Economics 101 lecture -- but without the laughs. It's good actors giving bad performances in one-dimensional roles, including at least two clearly Jewish bankers whose tics and cadences are … Continue reading WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS


For as long as it stays in the cramped confines of a stuck elevator car, this Shyamalan-produced thriller has a nifty, scary-story-by-the- campfire feel. Then it morphs into a morality play, and it's here where M. Night's loftier pretensions keep the movie from being simply a great cheesy scare. TV actor Geoffrey Arend makes the … Continue reading DEVIL


It's set in the Boston neighborhood of Charlestown, but they could have named it Dullsville. Nothing in this thrice-told tale will seem unfamiliar; it's one more go-round for the criminal-trying-to-get-out- of-The-Life story. And since the trailer provides the entire set-up, all that's left during the movie itself is to watch unfold what you already know … Continue reading THE TOWN


There is a tendency for music critics to categorize. This one swaggers and prances like Jagger. That one is outrageous like Madonna. If a songwriter tells stories about young people trying to escape their working class lives, taking to the road in search of a better existence, they are immediately compared to a young Springsteen. … Continue reading "FLAMINGO" BY BRANDON FLOWERS


People have criticized Rivers Cuomo for writing hook-filled pop songs. The question is "what's wrong with that?". The answer is NOTHING!! Weezer's latest, "Hurley" is pop art. Every song has an infectious hook and the clever lyrics that Cuomo is famous for. Take "Ruling Me" for example. The second verse begins "We first met in … Continue reading "HURLEY" BY WEEZER