I had the all to rare occasion to go see a movie on opening night.  In this case it was George Clooney's new film, “The American”.  I had the unfortunate luck to be sitting next to a couple who simply could not keep their mouths shut.  It started in the previews and didn't end until they walked out.  They weren't yelling at the screen or talking at anything approaching high volume.  But their incessant blabbing with each other was annoying and inconsiderate.  It wasn't even that I could make out what they were saying.  It was just this low hum of babble coming from my immediate left.  The capper was the woman's comment as she got up to leave, “That's the worst movie I've ever seen!  George Clooney was awful and there was only about 10 pages of dialogue in the whole movie.”  My dear, how would you know what went on?  You never stopped talking long enough to pay attention to this subtle piece of art.

This made me think of why people do this.  Rude? To be sure, our society has become less considerate.  The proof is obvious in the way people drive, talk on their cell phones or talk in a theater during a movie!  I think it's also a problem I will call the “Living Room Issue”.  We are used to watching movies and TV in our homes where we can talk back to the screen without disturbing anyone but the people watching with us.  People, you need to remember where you are.  Despite the luxury of some modern theaters, it is NOT your living room.  So, either wait for the movie on DVD or BluRay, or shut your damn mouths and watch the movie.  Who knows, you may actually be missing something important while you are flapping your gums.  And, you might actually enjoy the movie more!! — Alan Yudman

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