Despite a convoluted story and obligatory action scenes, these GUYS are pretty funny. Will and Marky Mark make a good team…both doing what they do best and getting for the most part some hilarious results. Scenes with the two of them at a desk or in a car work much better than the pair runnin' and gunnin'. Michael Keaton…welcome back to comedy pal, we missed you. And the Sam Jackson/Rock pairing shows that these guys get the joke and want to play along even though they're the punchline. I only wish someone in Hollywood would cast Steve Coogan for being Steve Coogan instead of “the chap with the accent”. The story seems like an afterthought which is a shame because if it had been a bit more streamlined this one could have been classic. Still worth seeing though…and I will never look at a Prius the same way again!
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