People have criticized Rivers Cuomo for writing hook-filled pop songs. The question is “what's wrong with that?”. The answer is NOTHING!! Weezer's latest, “Hurley” is pop art. Every song has an infectious hook and the clever lyrics that Cuomo is famous for. Take “Ruling Me” for example. The second verse begins “We first met in the lunchroom, My ocular nerve went pop zoom.” Who else uses “ocular nerve” in a pop song? The song is an ode to obsession and fantasy. And frankly, I can't get it out of my head. Obsessed with a song about obsession. My therapist will have a field day with that one. Obsession seems to be the theme of many of the songs. “Memories” pines for what used to be, “Trainwrecks” asks what's wrong with being a slacker. There is art and heart here. And if it makes you tap your foot, or burrows into your consciousness, what's wrong without that? Keep going Weezer, we need you!

— Alan Yudman
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