Money never sleeps, but the audience sure does in this godawful sequel
that clocks in at a murderous 2 hours 9. It's as exciting as an
Economics 101 lecture — but without the laughs. It's good actors
giving bad performances in one-dimensional roles, including at least
two clearly Jewish bankers whose tics and cadences are at best
stereotypical and at worst something darker. (Eli Wallach, G-d forbid
this should be your last picture!) Yes, Michael Douglas survives
intact, his magnificent face all experience and weather. And yes, the
film looks dazzling, with aerial photography especially that finds a
new way to frame New York. But this is Oliver Stone wanting it both
ways: portraying Street tycoons as rapacious, immoral predators, and
yet wrapping everything up in innocence and sweetness. A crock. A
waste of time. — Jeff Schultz

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