A children's movie that is probably too intense and violent for little
kids; just what you'd expect from the director of “300”. The themes
are small-fry versions of every mythic tale from Star Wars (“Use the
force” becomes “Use your gizzard”) to Lord of the Rings to the Bible
to whatever. How you respond to it will depend on if you thrill to
these kind of good vs. evil, brother-against-brother, protege-
surpassing-his-mentor-in-bravery adventures. Me: I'm a sucker for
talking animals. And the execution is meticulous. Have animated
feathers ever looked so, well… feathery? Thrilling battle scenes
(there are a lot of them) ingeniously convey carnage without actual
gore. And the cleverly named lead character Soren's facial expressions
(complimented by Jim Sturgess' voice) are standout. — Jeff Schultz

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