There's a reason why Clint Eastwood invokes Dickens in his quiet, meditative movie about death. Like Chuck, Clint here creates a full compliment of well-limned characters in an emotionally-direct, melodramatic tale with multiple plotlines and a big theme. HEREAFTER carries you along so far that when it sputters so surprisingly at the end, you're almost … Continue reading HEREAFTER


After watching the season finale of Mad Men, I don't know which Draper I pitied more: Don or Betty. Dick's on the fly popping of the question to find what he thinks will be happiness...or Betty's lashing out at everyone around her because of her inability to be comfortable in her own skin. Don found … Continue reading MAD MEN SEASON 4 FINALE


Do you remember the day network dramas died? I sure do. It was May 23, 2010. That night, ABC aired a two hour finale to a series that ran six years. LOST fans were promised by the show's creators that it would be okay, they knew where the show was going all along, "trust us". … Continue reading I’M MAD AS HECK…AND THAT’S A BUMMER.

MAD MEN – Season 4 Finale

As we stepped up to the end of the greatest season yet, I wondered if Matthew Weiner might quit while he was ahead -- and abruptly end the series on the highest of notes by shutting down the disintegrating Sterling Cooper Draper Price and sending his characters into the unknown. I needn't have worried! With … Continue reading MAD MEN – Season 4 Finale


Permission requested to make an un-PC joke: they could have retitled this Birry Erriot. But while MLD has numerous similarities to that earlier dancer-goes-from-boy-to-man drama, it adds an overcoat of history and politics. It's a true story that works because of a wonderfully diverse cast, most especially Chi Cao, who is foremost a dancer, but … Continue reading MAO’S LAST DANCER