There is more than a hint of irony in the title of David Fincher's THE SOCIAL NETWORK. The “hero” is anything but social. Mark Zuckerberg is the most anti-social character in the film. And that's what makes this movie interesting. You keep waiting for the redemption moment, when Zuckerberg finally realizes he is the target of everyone's venom. But he really doesn't have time for anyone or their feelings. He's too busy changing the internet by creating Facebook. But this isn't just about the creation of Facebook. It's about outliers. It's about relationships and how one genius, who is savant-like in his ability to talk and write computer code in a way that almost no one can understand, can't fit in among the social pressure cooker of college. Jesse Eisenberg has played nerds before in kind of a lovable geek-off with Michael Cera. Cera should retire. Eisenberg out geeks Cera here. There isn't much to love about Zuckerberg, but you can't take your eyes off Eisenberg when he's on the screen waiting for him to alienate another ally. Justin Timberlake is brilliant as Sean Parker. Rooney Mara steals the few scenes she's in. The screenplay by Aaron Sorkin is a cinch for an Oscar nomination and should be a favorite to win. Fincher's understated direction stays out of the way and breathes life into a drama surrounding computers. Simply put, I'm clicking on the “like” button. THE SOCIAL NETWORK is a fantastic movie. — Alan Yudman

2 thoughts on “THE SOCIAL NETWORK

  1. Alan, don't forget Andrew Garfield. He was stunning. I look forward to more from him.

    And Cera and Jessie are 2 different types of nerds. I think there's still room for them both! 😉



  2. Rivers, you are correct. I omitted the wonderful performance of Andrew Garfield. He totally captured the hurt and outrage of being screwed by your best friend! And regarding geeks, I think Cera plays the same type of nerd every time. Eisenberg has geek range. 😉


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