A good film should engage your emotions, touch your heart and lift your spirit. There are few Hollywood films that achieve such lofty goals. Mostly they are works of fiction or dramatized versions of real stories. But no piece of fiction can match the emotional engagement achieved by WAITING FOR SUPERMAN. This documentary about our country's broken public education system is heartbreaking, inspiring and hopeful all at once. I'm not even going to talk about the issues the movie raises. Those debates are for people with much more intimate knowledge of our schools. I'm just talking about this as entertainment. Davis Guggenheim can take what could be dry material loaded with statistics and turns it into a work of art. Watching these children and their parents on their quest to beat a system that sets the kids up for failure tugs at the heart. Their stories lift you up, spin you around and finally drop you into their unfathomable predicament. If Mr. Guggenheim is trying to inspire people to get involved, consider it mission accomplished. If his goal is to entertain us with a compelling story, then he's created a classic. He really is a Superman. Might as well just give him the Academy Award for best documentary right now. — Alan Yudman

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