Super Horse. Big Red. SECRETARIAT had plenty of nicknames. All of them well deserved. Those of us who were around in 1973 remember how he captivated the country for 5 weeks in the spring. A sports legend like that deserves a better movie than this. It's an inoffensive film about how Penny Tweedy saved her family farm and gambled everything on one colt. Just so happens that horse turned out to be the best thoroughbred ever. But it all falls kind of flat on the screen. You'll cheer for Secretariat has he wins race after race. You'll marvel at how ugly John Malkovich's wardrobe is. But, because we all know the story, the trick is telling it in a compelling fashion. This isn't that compelling. Some will compare “Secretariat” to “Sea Biscuit”. That's unfair to both. The latter had heart the former is missing. And that's really the irony of the whole thing. Because Secretariat actually had a larger than normal heart. Too bad his biopic didn't. — Alan Yudman

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