It evaporates even as you watch it, a compendium of hoary conventions from all the backstage movies you've ever seen: hard-as-nails club owner mentors wide-eyed new chick in town, troubled star toppled by said new chick, club owner's wisecracking gay sidekick, new chick's struggle to have her talent recognized, club owner's money woes threaten to … Continue reading BURLESQUE


An interesting misfire, this is a love story and a political allegory semi-disguised as a monster movie. Thematically, it calls District 9 to mind; stylistically, it reminds you of [REC], had that film moved outdoors. The creatures themselves are almost tangential, the "MacGuffin" if you will that brings up everything from journalistic ethics (he's a … Continue reading MONSTERS


Watching this gamer/videogame type movie was as enjoyable as watching my grandmother play Pong for two hours. It looks great and the directing is top notch but the "story" is cookie cutter, the acting non existent (except for the awesome, not used enough Jason Schwartzman) and too many filler scenes of the band playing. I … Continue reading SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD


What would it be like if we were able to get new music from bands like The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones or any number of classic rock artists from early in their careers. Not outtakes. Not studio demos. Whole songs or whole albums of new, never before heard material. Sounds impossible. But with … Continue reading BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: THE PROMISE