SAW 3D: The Final Chapter

I have not seen the entire SAW oeuvre, but enough of them to follow
this “summation” — which unsurprisingly turns out to be merely a
fatal (?) wrap-up for the latest of Jigsaw's proteges and a re-
introduction to the next killer. (Not to give it away, let's just say
this actor's Glory days appear to be behind him.) As the hunt goes on
for “Forensic” Hoffman (first encountered in SAW III), we wait
patiently for each new round of torture — and our patience is
rewarded. Pretty much everybody dies, and they perish amid an almost
Troma-level of blood and guts. Heads explode, jaws are ripped off,
spikes penetrate eyes, a rotating saw slices through a woman's stomach
(in a store window! with people watching!), etc. I'd call this movie
“efficient” because the killing machines run smoothly and do exactly
what's expected. But Tobin Bell (despite one brief scene) is much
missed. — Jeff Schultz

The first Saw was a clever, original, suspenseful, and twisty thrill ride that wrapped up with a fantastic montage recapping what you thought happened, and what DID happen. Several sequels later, Saw 3D has arrived to put a nail in the franchise’s coffin…and relevance. The traps are cool and gory but the plot has turned into a punchline. For a couple of sequels, it felt plausible that Jigsaw would plan ahead after his demise to payback one or two people, but by this final film, he’s turned into Nostradamus! And the final reveal would be fantastic…if it made any sense! And for a movie that would supposedly answer all the questions, it sure left a lot unanswered. The last few sequels have been as frustrating as the original was refreshing. RIP SAW, you shouldn’t have gone out like this.  
-Stormy Curry

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