Seldom has a movie gotten the mechanics of the local news business so
wrong, but that's not why this is such a piece of crap. The two leads
are the real problem. True, Rachel McAdams has never done much for me,
but she's actively annoying in Morning Snore-y (also known as The
Anchor Wears…. On Your Nerves). McAdams tries and fails to be
winsome with her irritatingly perky, overcome-all-obstacles sunniness;
instead she comes across as a ditzy dipshit. When her supposed
producing savvy kicks in, you don't believe it for a minute. As for
Harrison Ford, his one note is off key, sour and flat and relentless
all the way to the end, with a snarling Darth Vader delivery that
comes close to sketch comedy. The hackneyed script wouldn't pass
muster as an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, to which this falls
short in comparison. It even includes a jaw-dropping “montage of
memories” toward the end, as the heroine ponders whether to stay with
her “family” of dysfunctional colleagues or take a dream job at The
Today Show. Guess which one she picks? Easily among the worst releases
of the year. — Jeff Schultz

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