If only the animators hadn't opted for those large Manga-style eyes,
the look of this swell Disney fairy tale retelling would get an A+.
Skin has never better conveyed youth. There are dizzying perspective
shots of the castle and village. Also “touchable” textures like grass
and silk and paint on a wall. And the movie's big centerpiece, a
nighttime lantern display set to song, is sheer beauty. What keeps
this from being among the greatest Disney features is the music. It's
good in that Alan Menken, semi-Broadway way — but when it comes to
this material, Sondheim got there first — and a number like Tangled's
“Mother Knows Best”, sung by Rapunzel's mother, is kind of generic
compared to the far more affecting “Stay With Me” (also sung by
Rapunzel's mother) from Into the Woods. I'm just saying that in this
case, the score doesn't live up to the rest of the film. But highest
praise to the filmmakers for the wonderful, readable, and very funny
expressions they have given all their characters, especially Maximum
the steed. This picture is delightful. — Jeff Schultz

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