There is so much to love about TRUE GRIT I'm not sure where to start. The faithful telling of a tale of revenge. The wonderful performances by Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Barry Pepper and Josh Brolin. The shining light that Hailee Steinfeld provides throughout the film. Another outstanding example of movie making from the Coen Brothers. Let's start with Hailee. That the Coen Brothers would trust a relative unknown to carry so much weight says two things. They have a remarkable eye for talent. And Hailee is completely up to the task. She is in every scene and more than holds her own among these heavyweight actors. Bridges turns in another Oscar-worthy performance in the role that won John Wayne his only statuette. There is absolutely nothing that didn't work for me in the movie. I am a big fan of the 1969 version. But that was more of a John Wayne western and other than The Duke and Robert Duvall the performances are so-so. Wayne carries that movie. This is a much more fully formed story (even though the differences are minutes, they are important). TRUE GRIT is truly great! — Alan Yudman

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