Just five months after The Last Exorcism showed us there is still life in religio-horror pics, this new entry falls into the same old same old category. The filmmakers avoid twisting heads and pea soup effects -- instead framing their story around an almost academic debate about the nature of possession. Priest Anthony Hopkins (mostly) … Continue reading THE RITE


I won't go so far as to call BLACK SWAN a turkey...but I will say it didn't impress me as much as it did Oscar voters or most mainstream critics. Natalie Portman gives a blistering performance that deserves all the praise she's received...but (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!) you pretty much know she's nuts when the movie starts … Continue reading BLACK SWAN


There are romantic comedies. BLUE VALENTINE is more of a romantic tragedy. Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are Cindy and Dean, a couple living a modest existence in Pennsylvania. They have a daughter, Frankie. And while all seems pretty normal, it soon becomes apparent that Cindy is just going through the motions. Dean is unambitious … Continue reading BLUE VALENTINE


There's no Big Top. The clowns don't have giant shoes or water- squirting flower lapels. No lions or tigers or bears. But oh my! Has anyone ever seen a circus quite like this? It's Gogol Bordello meets Cabaret; Tim Burton meets Bob Fosse; Ringling Brothers meet Scissor Sisters. There are aerialists who not only leave … Continue reading CIRQUE BEZERK


Wow! This movie had so much potential. Michel Gondry, Christop Waltz, Tom Wilkinson, 3D, a modified 1965 Chrysler Imperial(very cool). But not even 3D helped this from falling flat. Based on the radio serial of the same name, The Hornet is newspaper publisher Britt Reed. He's a spoiled rich kid who parties all night and … Continue reading THE GREEN HORNET