The best Hollywood satire since Jay Mohr's late, lamented “Action”.
Surgically funny writing propels this story of a British husband-and-
wife creative team whose award-winning series in Britain (clearly
patterned after “The History Boys”) is snapped up for American
television by a Harvey Weinstein-ish genius/moron/thug. This is that
rare comedy whose set-up (still unfinished by the end of episode one)
leaves you starving for more. The punch line here is that the couple
comes to L.A. certain that their original star (a cameo by Richard
Griffiths, star of…. The History Boys!) will be cast in the U.S.
version. Instead, the network chooses — Matt LeBlanc. Matt wasn't in
this first go-'round, but his preview scenes are promising. Plus, it's
amazing how quickly the others in the cast have found their voices,
especially the executive's right-hand stooge played by Kathleen Rose
Perkins, and John Pankow, bang-on brilliant as the American TV
executive; his could be the breakout performance of the year. — Jeff

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