TRON: LEGACY has to be one of the most entertaining movies I have seen all year. Watching this sequel reminded me the sheer fun you can have at the movies, and the 3D made it even more spectacular. While the original is a bit dated FX wise and the story never felt fully developed, LEGACY learns from TRON’s mistakes and does it better. Watching this sequel, you felt like the writers not only knew the original inside and out, they also realized what worked and what didn’t. Unlike certain Crystal Skull sequels where you wonder if anyone bothered to rewatch the originals, this one works on every geek level. More than once did I let out an audible “Cool” in the theater, much to the amusement of my wife. It’s not that often anything new is cool, but this one was. Many twists and turns, eye popping visuals, 2 Jeff Bridges, and one kick ass soundtrack make me want to go onto the grid and rev up my light cycle. End of Line.
-Stormy Curry   

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