THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT is a pretty standard family drama, except for one not so small detail… the couple leading this family is Lesbian. There are two kids. The couple (Annette Bening and Julianne Moore) have grown just a little too comfortable with each other.. there's no longer a spark in their otherwise loving relationship. But generally, things are pretty normal. That is until their son decides he wants to meet his biological father. Enter Mark Ruffalo as Paul. The kids meet him and the daughter (Mia Wasikowska) immediately hits it off with him. The son (Josh Hutcherson) takes longer to warm up. Bening's Nic, doesn't like Paul. Moore's Jules, the “earth mother” is willing to give him a chance. And, as the story unravels, that relationship goes too far. There are moments both touching and funny, and one especially wonderful scene of confession. It's all very good. Just not great. I just never felt a part of the story. It never sucked me in. It was pleasant, like the warm sun on a cool day. But ultimately made little impact on me. Bening is wonderful and probably deserves her Oscar nomination. I was more impressed with Moore. I don't get Ruffalo's nomination at all. His character has no depth. He plays it well, but there's not much there. I thought he was better in the underrated SHUTTER ISLAND. THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT is a nice movie. Just not a great one. — Alan Yudman

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