There are few actors who scowl better than Jason Statham, and that glare is at full wattage in THE MECHANIC. He's a contract killer who tries to get the job done without anyone knowing he was there. Early on he's forced to eliminate his mentor who is played by Donald Sutherland. Then Sutherland's mess of a son (Ben Foster) shows up and decides he wants to learn what Statham knows. There's plenty of bullets and fights and a lot of Statham glaring at people from under his heavy brow. This is just a solid action movie with elements of regret and revenge. You know Sutherland has been set up by the creepy Tony Goldwyn almost as soon as Statham gets the order to kill him. But the way it plays out is pretty fresh and the ending is good, if predictable. And at only 90 minutes, a trip to this Mechanic won't take a huge bite out of your day. — Alan Yudman

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