What is real? That's the central question in UNKNOWN. With more twists than San Francisco's Lombard Street, this thriller keeps you guessing well into the film. Liam Neeson appears to be a botanist (or plant biologist, it's never really clear and not really important) of some repute who is on his way to Berlin for a conference. He's joined by his wife, January Jones. He leaves his briefcase at the airport and rushes back in a taxi to retrieve it. On the way, his cab crashes into a river and he is left in a coma for several days. When he wakes up nothing is the way he remembers. His wife has a different husband who claims to be Neeson. He has no ID and seems to be either crazy, psychotic or the victim of a huge conspiracy. Ah, but appearances can, and in this case, are deceiving. The story twists through several possibilities and leaves the audience guessing as to what the real story might be. It could have been unbelievably confusing, but it never gets too deep into any possible explanation which is good. Too much detail would add to the confusion and ruin the enjoyment of the excellent Neeson's bewildered searching for what he perceives as the truth. I think I genuinely said “wow” when the real story was revealed. A great movie? No. A good diversion at a time of year that is filled with dreck? Yes! — Alan Yudman

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