Right off the bat, bet the house on Christian Bale Oscar night. His performance in THE FIGHTER beats you into an emotional pulp and his transformation into drug addicted Dicky and sober Dicky is amazing. As for the film, it had something most of last year’s movies were lacking: heart. THE FIGHTER is actually a family drama disguised as a boxing movie. The scenes outside the ring pack a lot more of a punch than anything these characters do with gloves on. Don’t get me wrong, you’re still rooting for the underdog during the matches, but it’s not for the usual reasons. Hope, redemption, understanding, compromise, trust, love. The biggest thing this one has going for it is  the realistic portrayal of brothers. How they have each others back, how they help each other out when the other’s down for the count, and how at times, despite the fact they want to beat the hell out of each other, always love one another. That relationship never feels fake. THE FIGHTER is a winner.    
-Stormy Curry