Brad Anderson directed Session 9, a movie that was disturbing not so much because of what you saw, but what you DIDN’T see. His new movie strikes a similar chord. Vanishing on 7th Street has a lot of talk, a lot of exposition, but also a lot of creepiness. John Leguizamo shines in a movie he probably thought The Happening was going to be and Hayden Christensen does a better job than he did in the Star Wars prequels. The story is simple: people are doing their thing (working, walking the streets, etc) when the power goes out. When it comes back on, almost everyone is gone…all that’s left? Their clothing, cell phones, etc. The few who didn’t vanish are left to wonder what happened while trying to steer clear of the darkness. Is this the end of the world? Alien invasion? Other? Saying anything more may give stuff away. Anyone looking for a film with clearcut answers should probably avoid this, but those who relish the experience of being spooked by what you see and don’t see needs to order this one on demand ASAP. It’s no Session 9 (not a fair comparison), but it’s in the same league.
Stormy Curry    

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