Here are three L.A. locations that are unfortunately NOT blown up in
this utter waste of time: director Jonathan Liebesman's house,
screenwriter Christopher Bertolini's house, and the house of the
Columbia executive who gave the green light. This is the worst movie
of the year so far; it may well end up as the worst movie of the year,
period… thanks to C-grade effects, dialog that sounds like it was
written for a spoof, actors who can't do anything but shout (including
the first time Aaron Eckhardt has ever sucked), battle scenes with no
shape or direction — just pyrotechnics indifferently staged — and
noise, Noise, NOISE. Who-gives-a-shit backstories about uninteresting
characters having laughable soap opera confrontations while the world
is collapsing around them only add to the agony of trying to sit
through to the end. Plus, seldom in box office history has the true
horror of current events so embarrassed a film premiere. Released on
the first full day of Japanese earthquake/tsunami coverage, we go into
the theater with some of the most shocking video ever taken of an
earthly catastrophe in our heads — and see this stinker for what it
is: a piece of product, all fizzle no steak. STAY AWAY! — Jeff Schultz

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