THE GREEN HORNET is more like an annoying mosquito. It plays like a poor man’s Iron Man and suffers from an identity crisis. Is it a light hearted romp going for the kiddies or is it a serious, grim, Dark Knight-ish reboot of a forgotten franchise? It’s BOTH…and NEITHER! It tries to hit all the key demos and fails on all counts. We like our heroes flawed..even somewhat oafish…but Seth Rogen come across as a complete idiot you wouldn’t trust with a bag of marshmallows. And when you’re asking yourself “How could this guy win in a fight with Kato?”, just look at the credits: written by…Seth Rogen! Almost as bad as I expected, Hornet deserves to get a can full of Raid! There are a few scenes that show you how this movie could have been cool…they’re just outnumbered by many more scenes that make it lame.  
-Stormy Curry

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