Easily the best combination live action/animated feature about a
lovable hare since WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT — this time with CGI, not
drawn, characters. While the plot is a bit tatty (another sons-
resolving-issues-with-their-fathers tale), it's a happy, inventive,
and in at least one scene uncontrollable-laughter-funny romp. Keeping
in mind that this is a movie more perhaps for little kids than the
rest of us, what amazes is the standout cast who are sincerely inside
their roles. James Marsden's kid-like slacker Fred bonds perfectly
with “Russell Brand”s (voice of) E.B. We also get Gary Cole doing one
of his patented jerks and Hank Azaria doing one of his patented
accents; Kaley Cuoco, lovable as always; and a more than game, self-
mocking David Hasselhoff. More than a hundred small fry in the
screening audience, and they stayed with it all the way to the end.
I'm hip to HOP. — Jeff Schultz

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