There is a limit to how much an audience can stand, and here that
limit is reached at an ice rink. The rink is the end point for a
ridiculous chase scene involving the duller-with-every-picture Abbie
Cornish and our old friend, Generic Russian Mobster. It begins with
the damsel in distress on her cell phone hiding behind a rock, worsens
as she takes a “magic pill” with remarkably quick-acting properties,
and spirals down into laugh-out-loud land when a child's ice skate is
used as a weapon. Elsewhere in this slow, meandering thriller-without-
thrills we find that Bradley Cooper cannot carry a picture as the
lead, and that Robert DeNiro continues to make “paycheck movies” which
he sleeps through while occasionally pulling something from his bag of
tricks (the mirthless grin, the veiled threat, the fabulous hair). An
intriguing premise is never developed into anything more than that.
The denouement is confusing. And in between, the movie ping pongs back
and forth about the drug that triggers the story like a manic
depressive. Long before the end you stop caring. But there is one
truffle: a young actor mostly from television named Johnny Whitworth,
who jumps out of the screen in his two short scenes and ends up shot
to death all too soon. — Jeff Schultz

2 thoughts on “LIMITLESS

  1. hollywood will never get beyond its Current golden age of nearly continual dreck, until the public puts their collective feet down and just says no to making unconscionable celluloid rip off productions the weekly new number ones at the b.o.

    Same goes for Knick fans, despite the raging publicity, still a dreckful season and team.


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