A country wracked with fear and grief. Conspirators hunted down and jailed in military prisons. Debate over trial in civilian or military courts. A government that has pre-determined the guilt of all those arrested and held in custody. Sound like familiar themes? If you think we're talking about a modern dilemma you'd be wrong. These … Continue reading THE CONSPIRATOR


This mostly faithful adaptation of the popular novel does nothing wrong. So if it doesn't quite reach the teary heights of The Notebook, that's maybe because it takes no great chances, either. Extremely well made in the Hollywood Prestige Picture manner, the gloss that comes off the screen is the burnished shine of professionalism -- … Continue reading WATER FOR ELEPHANTS


The repetitive grip of Jacob's Ladder, the dual-consciousness of Avatar, the "impossible" romance of Somewhere in Time and The Lake House -- there are a lot of previous movies inside this one. It gets by, barely, on tight, get-right-to-it storytelling, a quiet, lovely Jake Gyllenhaal performance, and genuine chemistry between him and Michelle Monaghan. The … Continue reading SOURCE CODE