A genuine shocker: how very very bad this movie is. Talk about a Wan
effort — literally! The director of the first Saw movie appears to
have forgotten everything about how to create excitement and
atmosphere — opting instead for a PG-13 damp noodle whose biggest
scare is the mold on its badly told, seen-it-a-million times premise.
Truly, there are more thrills (or at least more fun) inside
Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. The audience talked through it and
laughed at it all the way to the end, and for once I wasn't annoyed
because that's all this worthless no-effort deserves. InVIDious
comparisons with another recent haunted house movie — Paranormal
Activity 2 — are inevitable. But it's the two atrocious lead
performances that make you start looking at your watch early on and
think about walking out. Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne aren't just
awful — leaden line readings, a palpable boredom with the material —
they also have zero chemistry between them. And by the time the happy
ending rolls around, you've long since been cheering for the demons.
Utter crap. — Jeff Schultz

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