Crude can be funny; crude can be crass. Here, it's just dull. An epic
misfire on the order of Year One, the lunatic stoner humor promised by
the title only shows up now and then, with long stretches between now
and then. This is no medieval or Middle-earth Pineapple Express. Nor
should you expect the cross-era kick of a Knight's Tale: here the
effort is basically to tack on a “that's cool” or “no fucking way” or
fist-pump “yesss!” every hundredth or so line, while treating sex with
an Apatowian leer. The joke gets old quickly. But in fact, this is
only half a comedy. The other half is a fairly serious sword and
sorcery battle flick, and it's an uneasy marriage. The adventure parts
have fight scenes aplenty, each one as unexciting as a bathroom break.
And Danny McBride's transition from screwup to hero is clumsy and
unconvincing. No one seems to be enjoying themselves; the leads are
bland, and none of the lesser players makes a splash. Nothing to
recommend here. Your Welcome. — Jeff Schultz

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