It's a romance AND a bro-mance, and it's the sleeper find of the
season. You might describe it as a heterosexual Chuck & Buck, but it's
also in a long tradition of “wrong groom” romantic comedies.
Physically, Uma Thurman towers over Michael Angarano. But Angarano —
his generation's Joseph Gordon-Levitt — is ten feet tall in his
absolute self-assurance and ability to match Uma's star power. Thurman
can seem bloodless at times, but she's fresh and vital here, lit up
like the sun-drenched beachfront where it all takes place. The other
half of the bro-mance is Angarano's best friend, played note-perfect
sweetly by Reece Thompson, who is sort of a grown-up version of the
chubby pal in the Wimpy Kid-s. And the wrong groom is the Russell
Brand-y Lee Pace, nicely balancing insufferably pompous and
surprisingly likeable in the same character. For a first -time feature
writer and director, Max Winkler has done more than master the basics:
this little movie is close to perfect. — Jeff Schultz

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