Surely, this is a golden age of animation: so many classics in the 15
years since Toy Story. And here is a splashy, well-acted addition,
which revels in color so rich, it's like the return of Technicolor.
You've never seen reds this vivid, bright chrome yellows, and of
course, “cerulean” blue (they have fun with the word). These tropical
birds are set to life with personalities just as vivid; partnered with
perfectly chosen speakers. Listen to his performance as Blu, the
reluctant macaw, and you'll realize how much of Jesse Eisenberg's
talent resides in his voice. He conveys nervousness with a comic tic
in a cadence you instantly recognize. Plus, the animators have pulled
off the funniest no-dialogue reaction shot since Finding Nemo. The
musical numbers have the catchiness of a samba; too bad they
constantly get cut off by the action. It's a little over-plotted, and
I found myself enjoying the animals rather than the humans (they might
better have done it half-and-half like HOP). But it works all the way
and made me feel good. — Jeff Schultz

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