What is the nature of existence? Is there one timeline, or several realities and can someone change or create a reality? These questions are at the core of SOURCE CODE. Jake Gyllenhaal is an Air Force (or Army, it's never really clear) Captain who seems to have dropped into an alternate reality. At first he's confused and so is the audience. He is someone else, traveling on a commuter train into Chicago. But all becomes clear each time he drops in on the train. Each time just 8 minutes before it explodes in a terrorist bombing. His mission seems simple, find the bomber to stop a second more deadly explosion. But nothing is simple (otherwise would you really have the tension necessary for drama?). Gyllenhaal owns the movie as the confused, frustrated and eventually satisfying hero. Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan are solid. Jeffrey Wright is excellent as the boss of the covert military unit running the op. Source Code is great as long as Gyllenhaal is trying to figure out the mystery. It loses its steam a bit as the story is resolved, but that really doesn't take away from the enjoyment. And, the movie moves quickly through its 87 minutes. It reaches its conclusions in an ultimately satisfying ending. This is a Code worth breaking! — Alan Yudman

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