Rarely does a series actually get better in Season 2, but that’s exactly what’s happened with Justified. Timothy Olyphant wears this part as well as he sports that hat of his, the writing and production value top notch, and every episode hits the bullseye. The season finale is no different. Olyphant, Jeremy Davies, and Margo Martindale all bring such a reality to the screen, you almost forget you’re not watching a documentary about these people from Harlan County. No other show on TV right now has the FLAVOR that this one does, you turn it on and become immersed in the town and the people. There is resolution, revelation, and threads hanging that will be no doubt be picked up in Season 3 next year. It’s going to be a long painful wait. Fans of quality TV are not JUSTIFIED if they still haven’t picked up on this brilliant show.
Stormy Curry

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