A slightly bizarre mash-up of genres, ultimately HANNA works because of the acting. The story centers on Saoirse Ronan as the title character. She is brought up in the woods by her father (Eric Bana). She is Jason Bourne in training. She kills without mercy or care. But it is time for her to exact revenge on the CIA operative who killed her mother (Cate Blanchett with a not too believable southern drawl). This is where the “mash-up” comes in. HANNA is both a rogue CIA agent/adventure yarn and a teenage discovering the world drama. It mostly works thanks to the haunted and captivating Ronan, but goes off track during some of the relationship bits. In the end, the movie is satisfying because of Ronan and Bana and because (SPOILER ALERT), justice is served. Special props to The Chemical Brothers for a great score that always hits the right mood. You may not want to spend $10 plus popcorn for it, but HANNA is definitely worth putting in your Netflix cue. — Alan Yudman

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