There isn't a shot in this movie that is enhanced by 3D, maybe because
the project itself is so flat. It's painless enough, but I did snicker
when they pulled out one of the Top Ten movie cliches: the hero
actually falls to his knees, looks heavenward, and (shot from above)
shouts “WHYYYYYYYYYY??????” Why, indeed. Do we really need to sit
through one more kingdom wrestling with father-son issues? Or
suffering at the hands of a jealous brother? Or getting a boost from a
quartet of brave, wise-cracking sidekicks? Natalie Portman continues
her run as the most inexplicable movie star working today, giving here
an utterly generic, charmless performance with not an atom of
chemistry between her and Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. Chris gets by
on remarkable good looks, but he comes off like the best actor in high
school, and he affects a voice and accent that sounds like one of
Jemaine Clement's pompous phonies. There's no heart to the picture, so
what's supposed to be a grand, emotional wrap-up (“She's searching for
you…..”) is instead a big shoulder shrug. There is beauty in the set
design, but the visuals seem a bit like children's book illustrations,
somewhat artificial, which is fine when they're not cheesy. Destined
to end up on a double bill in Purgatory with Your Highness. — Jeff

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