Kristin Wiig has had outrageous success on Saturday Night Live. Her characters are like fish out of water, always the oddball. Her movie career has been middling at best. PAUL was a disaster. And her other films have not given her enough to do to show off whatever talent she may have. Frankly, I've been pretty unimpressed with her talent. So, in BRIDESMAIDS she has taken things into her own hands. Co-writing the screenplay with Annie Mumolo, she has found a winning formula of laughs and warmth that play to her strong suits. This is Wiig's movie. Her Annie is a receptacle for life's ills. Everything happens to her and now that her best friend is getting married, things can only get better. Now wouldn't THAT be unfunny. Of course things get worse in continuously hilarious ways. Bad Brazilian food, a “can you top this” battle at the engagement party, drunk and high on a plane. And that's just the beginning! The supporting cast is great, especially Melissa McCarthy who is comic genius in every one of her scenes. But Wiig shows a real talent for comic acting I've never seen from her.. slapstick, physical.. she's the real deal. And BRIDESMAIDS is the real deal. Your invited to laugh out loud at this party! — Alan Yudman

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