Why mess with a good thing? THE HANGOVER was so over the top funny, outrageous and enjoyable, Todd Phillips and the gang decided to just stick with what works. In THE HANGOVER PART 2 it all works just as well as in Part 1. The premise is the same.. bachelor party, waking up in a hotel room, someone is missing and the search for answers. The jokes are just as outrageous, Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis have the same fantastic chemistry and Ken Jeong steals every scene as Mr. Chow. Some critics complain it's the same as the first one.. a cookie cutter approach to movie making. Sometimes, it's good to stretch things, move things in a different direction. But in this genre, with these characters, that would have been a mistake. Bring along a bottle of aspirin, because your sides and your head will ache with laughter from this HANGOVER! — Alan Yudman

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