Imagine the kids from Stand By Me discovering ET with an appetite. I just saved you ten bucks. I loathe marketing campaigns that promise you one type of movie and then deliver something different (The Town is another example). The acting is fantastic...the FX's the alien/monster that disappoints. It felt like an afterthought and … Continue reading SUPER 8


This popcorn comedy is R-rated, so it has the requisite bodily fluids and gross-out laffs. But a constellation of comic actors in their element lifts it up a notch. There's a sluttishness to Cameron Diaz, a slightly-beaten beauty that makes her ideal for the role, and she plays well with Jason Segel, whose relationship with … Continue reading BAD TEACHER


Screamingly, achingly funny. Tears of laughter were literally rolling down my cheeks throughout this English bro-mance. The creative team of Steve Coogan and Michael Winterbottom has struck again, this time with Coogan's most personal film yet -- one that plays with reality inside a mirror reflecting a mirror that depicts "reality". Yes, we're back in … Continue reading THE TRIP


That this is Joel Courtney's first and only IMdB credit is difficult to believe. Along with the far more experienced Elle Fanning, these two remarkable actors carry on an adolescent romance so touching and softly modulated, you almost forget you're watching -- a monster movie! But as in Cloverfield, the little-seen monster is the MacGuffin; … Continue reading SUPER 8