It's not that BAD TEACHER isn't funny. It is. I laughed out loud, a lot. And since this is rated R, not all of the jokes were in the trailer. Cameron Diaz is beautiful and funny. Phyllis Smith and John Michael Higgins are hysterical in supporting roles. And Jason Segel is hilarious. But the whole movie plays like a string of Saturday Night Live sketches (you know, when it was good, like in the Will Ferrell era). There is something of a plot and if you've seen the trailers you know it involves Diaz buying fake boobs. But you know how it is going to end after about 10 minutes. And one side note. I've been accused of having a “man crush” on Justin Timberlake. His performances on SNL are always winners and he was great in THE SOCIAL NETWORK. But here, he just lays flat on the screen. Even the “sex” scene with Diaz isn't as funny as it was supposed to be. Justin, you're better than this. All in all, this BAD TEACHER couldn't pass any test. — Alan Yudman

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