Imagine the kids from Stand By Me discovering ET with an appetite. I just saved you ten bucks. I loathe marketing campaigns that promise you one type of movie and then deliver something different (The Town is another example). The acting is fantastic…the FX excellent…it's the alien/monster that disappoints. It felt like an afterthought and simply a way to teach the kid about life and loss. No problem with messages in movies but this was as subtle as a sledgehammer. WE GET IT!!! In case you didn't: SEE KID LET GO OF MOM'S NECKLACE AT THE END! (last piece that starts up the spaceship by the way. Yeah, right). HEAR HIM TELL ET2 IT'S OK TO BE SCARED! (phone home big guy, it's all good). Marketing promised Cloverfield, we got Free Willy. Super 8? More like Mediocre 3.

Stormy Curry

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