Who can’t relate to having HORRIBLE BOSSES? Talk about the right movie for the right time…this comedy uses the “R” rating to the max…and the results are hilarious! Bateman’s dry tone mixed with Sudeikis’s raunch and Charlie Day’s hyper freaking out keeps the laughs coming virtually nonstop! Jamie Foxx simply rocks as M-FR Jones, Farrell isn’t used enough and steals every scene he’s in, Aniston is better than expected, and Spacey is….Spacey. What a great year for R rated comedies. Finally, funny movies for grown ups!


The title says it all. Gloriously violent and crude, Hobo is as simple and genius as the title suggests. Rutger Hauer, no stranger to B movies in the 80's, plays the hobo…and does a much better job than he probably had to. He's in on the joke from start to finish but never breaks character to wink at the audience. You either get it or you don't. Over the top doesn't even begin to describe what happens in 86 minutes but it's one hell of a ride! This should have been the second feature of Grindhouse, not Death Proof…if it had been, Grindhouse wouldn't have bombed. Shotgun hits the bullseye…I loved it!

Stormy Curry


At first blush it wouldn't seem that the two genres have much in common. How can a cowboy movie and Sci-Fi alien movie occupy the screen at the same time? The proof comes in two enjoyable hours called COWBOYS & ALIENS. Jon Favreau is a bankable director because he knows what audiences want. In this case lots of gunplay (or laser wrist cannon play), some jokes, stars you know and love and perfectly executed set pieces. Daniel Craig channels his inner Eastwood as Jake Lonergan, a man of few words but lots of action and attitude. Harrison Ford is the evil land baron. And Olivia Wilde is, well, beautiful. You start out thinking this is a rehash of a theme John Wayne knew so well.. one man runs a town and has its residents so scared they don't know right from wrong anymore. Then there's the hero who's hopelessly outnumbered but finds a way to win in the end. But the audience quickly realizes that it isn't one man trying to own a town, but aliens trying to own the world. That's where the two genres cross paths and ride down the dusty trail together. And if by now you're thinking, “this will be ridiculous and will never work”, you would be totally wrong! The greatness of COWBOYS & ALIENS is all because of Favreau, Craig and Ford. It wouldn't be the same in the hands of any other director or actors. This is a mash-up that works every step of the way. Gunfights, laser cannons, horses, spacecraft, jokes, ugly disgusting aliens. What more do you want in a summer blockbuster? — Alan Yudman


Before seeing Bridesmaids, I could not STAND Kristen Wiig. Her sketches and acting on SNL are awful and I found everything she did unfunny. I have a newfound respect for her now. Bridesmaids is funny, she is funny, the script is funny, and the cast is funny. When you see a comedy, that’s what matters most and this one delivers. It falters a bit packing in clichés to apparently make it more appealing to fans who like happy endings (charming cop, she likes to bake, etc) but the laughs more than make up for it. Jon Hamm also, once again, steals every scene he’s in (“you like tired, why don’t you take a lap nap?”). Say I do to Bridesmaids.
Stormy Curry


The gold standard of workplace comedy is OFFICE SPACE. But, HORRIBLE BOSSES isn't far behind. Take three truly horrible bosses (Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Anniston and Colin Farrell) add three “nice guys” (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis and Charlie Day) and the mix is a nearly perfect comedy. baseman's cool anger, Sudekis' wise-cracking and Day's manic energy make them a great team to pull off three murders. And the bosses are deserving. Spacey is loathsome. Anniston is an evil bitch. Farrell is well, you have to see him and you still won't believe its him. The jokes are funny, the situation totally believable and the payoff is satisfying and a bit out of left field. And don't miss Jamie Foxx as the “murder consultant”. The movie may be about HORRIBLE BOSSES. But this comedy is hysterical and worth your time. — Alan Yudman


After the disappointing THOR and the catastrophic GREEN LANTERN and GREEN HORNET, some wondered if the superhero comic movie was dying. Fear not geeks, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER is here to save the day! The movie plays to Chris Evans strengths. His good looks and gift for comic timing make him the perfect hero. His Steve Rogers is at once vulnerable and invincible. The movie takes us back to the WWII films of the '40's and '50's, when Americans were the unquestioned good guys and the Nazis were always evil. But this Nazi is “super evil”. Red Skull (the wonderful Hugo Weaving) is bent on world domination with a plan that makes Hitler look like a Girl Scout. The action is fantastic, we see Captain America in all his star-spangled glory (note to Thor director Kenneth Brannagh, this is how it's supposed to look). There's a cute love story and the action and the one-liners just keep coming. It's also a great peek into things to come next may. Hint Hint.. stick around through the credits. While Marvel has been given to doing short little teasers for its next movie after the credits are done, this one is better.. a full length trailer for THE AVENGERS, and it looks awesome!! — Alan Yudman


INSIDIOUS is not the best horror film ever made, but it has more jumps than most. Despite a PG-13 rating, this one uses that to an advantage: less gore, more creepiness. The final act falters a bit but it still manages to keep your attention until the very end. And one other note: kudos to movies that don’t feel the need to have a happy ending! That’s life people, some things don’t end well. Rent it and watch it alone on the dark.


It’s all RITE, but don’t go into this exorcism flick expecting to be scared silly. THE RITE plays more like a drama, with Anthony Hopkins devouring his hammy role of a priest that specializes in booting out demons. Colin O’Donoghue plays the young priest who may or may not have enough faith to blah-blah-blah. You’ve seen it before but I liked this a lot more than “The Last Exorcism” or dozens of other so called scary movies. The Rite’s biggest sin? Unlike Insidious, this one tries to get graphic and fails BECAUSE of the PG-13 rating. Possessed people look silly instead of scary. Despite that, you can’t go wrong with RITE as long as you know what you’re getting.


Hands down, CEDAR RAPIDS is one of the funniest and sweetest movies of the year! The cast is terrific and John C. Reilly SHOULD pull a “Kevin Kline” and be nominated for his role. Much like “A Fish Called Wanda”, Reilly makes it look so effortless and makes an already funny movie that much funnier. Ed Helms does his usual bit and is also great, the writing is terrific, the pacing perfect, the story solid…I could go on and on but instead of that, do yourself a favor: go out and discover this fantastic movie! One of the year’s best that hopefully isn’t forgotten around Oscar time (but it probably will be).


Inspired casting that includes a breakout comic performance fuels this
bright and very funny revenge fantasy to which anyone who's ever had
to work for a monster will relate. As the sanest of three stooges,
Jason Bateman is all pained reaction and military-precision timing.
Jason Sudeikis is the horniest, too sex-obsessed to be an effective
“criminal”. We've loved each of these guys in everything they've done.
Joining them is the lesser-known Charlie Day, and while he's been
given the splashiest role, all credit to him how exhilaratingly he
takes it and runs to the finish line. A short little man with a voice
that can shoot up the scale into only-dogs-can-hear-it range, Day
seldom stands or sits still, and even when he does, he's still
revving. There are scenes between the three stars that have the
nutball freshness of improv — when improv is hitting on all
cylinders. This is a movie easily worth a second watching to catch the
lines you missed because you were laughing so hard the first time.
Throw in Kevin Spacey doing his patented asshole and Jennifer Aniston
doing a new-for-her horny bitch and an almost unrecognizable Colin
Farrell doing coke… and you've got a terrific summer comedy. — Jeff