If you are expecting a movie with a message, if you are expecting great acting and a great screenplay, If you are expecting something new and different. You are going to be very disappointed by TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON. So lower your expectations and just sit back and enjoy the ride. The plot is kind of interesting (the whole race to the moon was a ploy to collect alien technology). The set pieces work. The 3D doesn't seem like an afterthought and Michael Bay is well, at his Michael Bay-ish best. But he's also at his Michael Bay-ish worst. The movie takes too long to get going and to set up the whole back story. Because of that, could lose about 20 minutes and be better. But, it's not awful (not like REVENGE OF THE FALLEN), but it's not ground-breaking or great in any way. It's just a fun ride once it gets going. I could go on about the lame, pedestrian acting. The eye roll-inducing screenplay and the bombastic score. But really, are you going to see this movie for any of that? No, you're going to watch robots battle and blow stuff up. And on that score, it's worth your time. — Alan Yudman

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