After the disappointing THOR and the catastrophic GREEN LANTERN and GREEN HORNET, some wondered if the superhero comic movie was dying. Fear not geeks, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER is here to save the day! The movie plays to Chris Evans strengths. His good looks and gift for comic timing make him the perfect hero. His Steve Rogers is at once vulnerable and invincible. The movie takes us back to the WWII films of the '40's and '50's, when Americans were the unquestioned good guys and the Nazis were always evil. But this Nazi is “super evil”. Red Skull (the wonderful Hugo Weaving) is bent on world domination with a plan that makes Hitler look like a Girl Scout. The action is fantastic, we see Captain America in all his star-spangled glory (note to Thor director Kenneth Brannagh, this is how it's supposed to look). There's a cute love story and the action and the one-liners just keep coming. It's also a great peek into things to come next may. Hint Hint.. stick around through the credits. While Marvel has been given to doing short little teasers for its next movie after the credits are done, this one is better.. a full length trailer for THE AVENGERS, and it looks awesome!! — Alan Yudman

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