At first blush it wouldn't seem that the two genres have much in common. How can a cowboy movie and Sci-Fi alien movie occupy the screen at the same time? The proof comes in two enjoyable hours called COWBOYS & ALIENS. Jon Favreau is a bankable director because he knows what audiences want. In this case lots of gunplay (or laser wrist cannon play), some jokes, stars you know and love and perfectly executed set pieces. Daniel Craig channels his inner Eastwood as Jake Lonergan, a man of few words but lots of action and attitude. Harrison Ford is the evil land baron. And Olivia Wilde is, well, beautiful. You start out thinking this is a rehash of a theme John Wayne knew so well.. one man runs a town and has its residents so scared they don't know right from wrong anymore. Then there's the hero who's hopelessly outnumbered but finds a way to win in the end. But the audience quickly realizes that it isn't one man trying to own a town, but aliens trying to own the world. That's where the two genres cross paths and ride down the dusty trail together. And if by now you're thinking, “this will be ridiculous and will never work”, you would be totally wrong! The greatness of COWBOYS & ALIENS is all because of Favreau, Craig and Ford. It wouldn't be the same in the hands of any other director or actors. This is a mash-up that works every step of the way. Gunfights, laser cannons, horses, spacecraft, jokes, ugly disgusting aliens. What more do you want in a summer blockbuster? — Alan Yudman

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