At less than 90 minutes, this strenuous comedy is painless, if uneven,
and not as consistently funny as the Red Band trailer. That said,
there are lots of laughs, thanks mostly to Danny McBride (erasing the
bad taste left by YOUR HIGHNESS) and Nick Swardson as partners in
idiocy — along with the Harold and Kumar-esque back-and-forth between
Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari, constantly fighting and making up.
The romantic subplot surprisingly resembles the one in television's
“The Big Bang Theory”, but it's totally tangential: this is a guy
flick that wants to curse and be coarse. And it does and it is — but
despite pockets of very funny dialogue, the movie needs more oomph and
some tightening. Maybe it shouldve been 20 MINUTES OR LESS. — Jeff

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