As a good friend points out, by now the formula has become so
familiar, we're left with little more than waiting to see how each
hapless survivor of the initial disaster (from which they've been
saved by a warning from the “hero”) will horrifically die. So we judge
the Finals by the creativity they bring to the mayhem, and on that
score, 5 has its moments. There are several neat shots of whole
sections of a suspension bridge buckling and then falling into the
water (like the famous Tacoma Narrows footage, but with people and
cars), multiple impalements and skewerings (atop a boat mast, with a
rotisserie spit, on an industrial hook), a spectacular gymnastics fall
that leaves the victim a human pretzel, and the ultimate example of
Lasik surgery gone bad. In between, we have generically attractive
young people with minimal acting skills (including Miles Fisher, a
dead ringer for Tom Cruise at 28) looking increasingly worried as
Death seeks them out. Tony Todd (the Candyman!) is wasted in just a
few minutes of screen time. Courtney Vance fares better; this reliable
actor needs a breakout part. And there's a bonus at the end: a montage
of what seems like every exploding head, knife-through-the-eyes,
decapitation and disembowelment from the previous four installments.
— Jeff Schultz

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