The droll British humor and cleverly framed social commentary of SHAUN
OF THE DEAD reappears here in the guise of an alien invasion movie.
It's a comedy, not a blockbuster, so we not only forgive the
inexpensive special effects, but actually embrace them as effective
enough to set the scenes and clever enough to overcome the low budget.
Playing in theatres during the London social riots gives ATB a
remarkable timeliness, especially if you think of the aliens as
“invading” anarchist-delinquents intent on destroying everything in
their path, fought back by the disparate members of a downscale London
neighborhood determined to take back their block. The accents are
thick and sometimes incomprehensible, but you always know what's going
on. Notable screen debut: Alex Esmail, as “Pest”, who gets much of the
comic relief. The kid's a natural. — Jeff Schultz

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