Anton Yelchin plays another kid named Charlie, but with a different
spelling (“-ey”) and less successful results. For one thing, the actor
is now 22 and a little too old to play a high school student; he's
starting to look like a gaunt Russian. Yelchin is a talented young man
but somewhat introspective, and here he lacks the adolescent boy-next-
door innocence that made William Ragsdale so fresh-faced in the
original. This new Charley is less likable — frankly, meaner — and
his fatal neglect of a good friend is never really mitigated. That
good friend, by the way, is our good friend Christopher Mintz-Plasse,
who makes any movie he's in better and who here has a pretty juicy
part. He's still a dork with that almost liquid way of talking, but we
see he's now been around the block a few times. Colin Farrell is
virile, thirsty and horny, but does not erase the memory of Chris
Sarandon's menace. (Farrell lives alone this time — no gay subtext
“roommate”.) And you might call the actor who plays Peter Vincent
“David Tennant as Russell Brand”. There are at least 4 good uses of
3D, including proof that sunlight is bad for vampires. But if you see
it in 2D you'll be fine. — Jeff Schultz

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