Iconic, fantastic and fun. Just three words to describe RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. I've read reviews and posts calling this a remake. Don't believe it! RISE is new and fresh. And it RISES above the lame Mark Wahlberg version of the original Charlton Heston original. This is an “origin story.” We know the apes took over, but how did they do it? All is explained here. The first half of the movie is a touching drama as James Franco desperately tries to save his Alzheimer-stricken father. Science becomes science fiction and Caesar is born and becomes “Ape 1”. Franco has never been better. I'm not a fan, but he's found his niche here. But the real star here is Andy Serkis and CGI. Serkis is the actor who puts on the blue motion capture suit in so many movies and brings humanity to non-humans. He is wonderful here. CGI comes in by giving personality to the apes in a completely natural way. Once the apes break free, the movie spins in a wild roller coaster ride of revenge. That half of the movie raced along almost too fast for me. It almost seemed like it was from another movie, but with pleasing results (unlike the horrid Hancock which was two distinct movies smashed together). I can't wait for the sequels! — Alan Yudman

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